Practice Round Ticket Policy:

Tokens must be purchased and paid for prior to shooting any practice round. The trap help will be instructed to not allow any shooter on the practice traps without first receiving a practice round token from that shooter. These tokens may be purchased at the office counter at any time during business hours and in any quantity desired. Ten (10) round punch cards are also available at a discount.

Token Costs will be:

Single Trap Round Member Price: $6.00  Non-Member price: $8.00

Single Skeet Round Member Price: $6.00  Non-Member price: $8.00

Single 5-Stand Member Price:  $7.00  Non-Member price: $9.00

10 Round Trap or Skeet punch card  is $55.00 members only

10 Round 5 Stand punch card is $65.00 members only

Ammo is available for purchase out at the club.  We currently restrict purchases for use by members on League night and only what is used that day.  (i.e. 2 boxes on League night, no case sales, etc.).

START shooting TODAY

The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those clays aren't breaking themselves. Make the commitment to be a better shooter.  We are here to provide a clean, safe shooting club that offers Trap, Skeet and Trap.

Club Rules, Costs, and Policy

Club work days

The LTC Board of Directors needs more assistance with club functions from the membership. To keep the price of leagues the same next year will require more participation from the membership. Please help on the “Club Work Days” that will be advertised at the club and on the web site. Talk to a board member about what you can do to help. Without this, the price of memberships/leagues will have to go up to continue maintaining the club facilities.

Trap House Etiquette

1. Shooting order should be followed according to score sheet.
2. There will be no “Reserving” a Trap House
3. Rotate Trap House each week (for league)

5 Stand Shooting

REady for a Challenge, 5 stand is for you!   

Our 5 stand field offers everything you would expect from a professionally designed and well equipped course of fire.  Currently offering 9 different throwers and an endless possible combination of targets, this course will keep you coming back for more. 


Alcohol Rules

There will be no alcohol sold at the Laramie Trap Club

Become a member

Membership has it's privileges

Cost of membership is only $60.00 per year.  You won't find a better deal anywhere with access to Trap, skeet and 5 stand. Membership benefits include a discount on all practice rounds.  Membership dues all go directly to the club to help maintain our fields, equipment and facilities.  Our board members are all volunteer, so all proceeds from shoots and memberships go directly back to the club.  

Gun Safety

There have been very few, if any, deaths related to gun accidents in the sport of trapshooting. Gun safety is Job 1 while trapshooting. Some simple rules include:
1.     Never move from station to station with a loaded shell in your gun.
2.     Always keep the gun pointed downrange.
3.     Never carry a loaded gun when not on the firing line.
4.     Be alert to trap boys leaving the trap house while the round is in progress.
5.     You must keep the action open on your gun at all times while moving to and from the trap line as well as moving from post to post while you are shooting.
​6.    Never "track" a target while waiting to shoot after the squad in front of you
7.    Never turn around to face the scorekeeper with a loaded gun.
​8.    Keep your gun in good mechanical condition.

Trap Club